The LLC Formula

The 100% legal step-by-step guide for global entrepreneurs ready to gain access to U.S. payment gateways and bank accounts without spending thousands of dollars or travelling to the U.S.
Perfect for service providers, coaches, consultants, digital product owners and even dropshippers


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Consider this your one-stop shop to learn what you need to receive online payments from clients in any part of the world while having access to all the same tools and software that are available to U.S. entrepreneurs.


After the covid-19 pandemic and the Lebanese economic crisis, we were close to bankruptcy. We searched for ways to keep our business running but none of the tutorials, advice, tips or tricks that we found online would work for us. We needed to have a payment gateway in our website to be able to sell our products but unfortunately Paypal and Stripe were NOT available in our country and we were left to look for our own solutions.
We discovered that if we registered our business in the U.S. as an LLC, we would immediately have access to the payment gateways we wanted. We were very happy because it felt like we had finally made progress.
We found this online course with Belema Ronabere to be trustful and according to the American laws. Her step by step tutorial helped us register our company and bank account very fast.


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