We are raising funds to help Lebanese youth start their own journey in the business world to gain sustainable income and support themselves, their families, and their community.

We saw the despair in their eyes, they feel they don’t have a future in their country. We started to give them hope and show them that they can do it if they put their mind to it.

Till now we could convince 5 people, and 3 people are so desperate they don’t want to believe they can do it. We put their stories in the description below hoping to find more people that we can help with your support.

Minimum donation amount is 5$, you can add the quantity value if you want to donate more. We will commit to keep you updated about our work and the results that we achieve with this work of goodwill. Thank you in advance!

P. S.: We do not accept Zakat, and this donation is not related to Jam’iyat Al Masharii.


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Jad Shmaytelly is a 12 grader young man, he wants to quit his education to find a job. He is passionate about computers, he can fix any problem, and maintain computers, he is responsible of our store’s computer. We tried to encourage him to start his own business and that we will help him achieve his goals. We also encouraged him to be well prepared for the official exams this year in case he changes his mind later and wants to continue his education.

Dana Jrab is a young woman certified in teaching Arabic language for non native speakers and giving online lessons in Arabic language for children aged 4 to 12. She also have a YouTube channel, and present in social media. But she can’t scale because of payment issues. We offered to help her with her business and fix this problem. We also offered a free mentoring program to start her business and scale.

Najat Nouh is a 12 grader, she learned to make lip-gloss, she has a great product but low demand because of many factors in the market. We offered to help her sell online and build a brand through our mentoring program.

khulood Shatila and her daughter make small crochet bags but they feel nobody will buy their handmade crafts because the prices are expensive. We told them there are many people who love these types of products and can afford the price, they just need to find those customers and we will help them in the process.

Sawsan El Baba is a nice lady, she is a certified oil and soap maker, her soaps are carefully made with many benefits for the skin. We help her sell her products in our shop and online store.

Sossana is a widow with 3 kids, she is a great tailor, she makes good quality prayer dresses, we offered to sell her products in our shop and online store.

Tarek Ramadan is an experienced accountant, he lost his job after 17 years of service because the company declared bankruptcy due to the Lebanese economic crisis. He is now jobless for 4 years. He can’t believe we can help him start his own business. But with your help we can convince him that there is hope for him.

Fadi Bteich is an excellent sales manager in once a great company, his wage has dropped more than 80% because of the economic crisis. He was searching for a solution until we spoke with him about a business model that can make him a second income.

In addition to our free mentoring program, we are preparing a website that teaches those people and others in our community on how to start an online business and overcome their problems completely FREE. We need your encouragement and support to be able to serve more people.

Thank YOU in advance…


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